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MBA 80% Study Grants and Additional Advantages

Study a full MBA program with 80% tuition-free and get an additional discount if any of your family members or friends enroll in the same program!


  • Whether you are a fresh graduate or a senior in any discipline, you are welcome to apply
  • Wherever you are, the study is 100% online and live
  • If you are working and have a tight time, you can study in your free time, as the live sessions are also recorded

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or 112 credit hours equivalent
  • English Proficiency Level: you are waived in the following cases:
  • -You are a native English speaker (or live in an English-speaking country)
    -Studied your bachelor’s degree in English
    If not, you have 2 years during the MBA study to submit proof of English Proficiency Level. Windsor University also supports and makes it easy for you to test yourself in English as many times as you wish by doing the following 50 min. EF SET English Test.

Learning Delivery Mode

  •            All the MBA sessions are online and live with English native speakers professors. Live communication with the instructors boosts the interactive experience exchange.
  •           The sessions are also recorded with English subtitles so the student can watch any session they miss or for revising and studying as many times as they wish. 

Program Duration

  •           Two years in 6 semesters.
  •           Each semester is 14 weeks long (3.5 months), with two weeks of vacation between each semester and the other.


  •           The MBA program consists of 15 top-notch demanded courses in the labor market in addition to the thesis. The courses include Project Management, HR, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and much more. You can watch samples from the courses offered through the University’s YouTube Channel
  •           The courses’ curricula are reviewed according to the current American curriculum and offered by world-leading educational publishing companies such as McGraw-Hill and Pearson.
  •           To learn more about the curriculum, refer to this link.

Credit Hours

  •            48 credit hours, 3 credit hours per course

Additional Advantages

  •           Windsor University supports their enrolled students with $7500 worth of educational content by offering +720 guided projects for FREE from Coursera’s partnership with the University with certificates upon completion
  •           Enrolled student will be offered licensed and FREE Microsoft Office 365 accounts, including (Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and OneNote), instead of $70/year through Microsoft partnering with Windsor University to support the student’s educational journey.
  •           Enrolled student will be provided with a Windsor University e-mail, ID, username and password on Moodle and SIS, and an Enrollment Agreement.
  •           Graduation ceremony will be held online for FREE or physically in the USA as an option for extra fees according to the cost of travel, residence, and transportation.
  •            Windsor University offers its students 10% financial support to boost their English language skills by learning English as a second language (ESL), traveling to the US, and obtaining an F1 visa through a partnership between the University and UCEDA. If the Applicant is not an American citizen and they are inside the US with B1/B2 visa, Windsor University can help with studying English physically in 11 locations in 3 states in the US by helping in the [change of status] to study English as a second language (ESL) in the US legally through a partnership between UCEDA and Windsor University. The original fee starts from $1380 to $1455 for the 3 months payment, depending on the state you wish to study in (Connecticut, Virginia, or in New Jersey). However, Windsor University supports the student with $205 off to pay only $1250 for the 3 months payment.

Tuition Fees

  •           Instead of $10500, Windsor University offers the program as a scholarship with an 80% tuition-free to be $2700 total for the two-year study for January 14, 2023 intake.
  •           As a joint studying environment is always encouraging, get an additional discount worth $240 if you enroll in the program with any of your family members or friends. Recommend the program to your acquaintances, and once you enroll together, you will only pay $410/semester instead of $450.
  •           Flexible payment is available through paying in installments before every semester ($450/semester) or monthly to be $112.5/month.
  •           To learn more about the tuition fees plan, visit this link.

Admission Deadline

  • Program Start Date: January 14, 2023.
  • Enrollment Deadline: January 10, 2023.

How to Apply

Save your spot and enjoy the current offered discounts by filling in the following admission form and pay the $28 non-refundable application fee (instead of $50) to start your enrollment process right away!

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