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Transfer of Credit

Windsor University’s Admission Office reviews official transcripts for transfer credit eligibility. During the admission form process, learners wishing to seek transfer credit must have official transcripts sent from the issuing institution directly to Windsor University at [email protected]. Acceptance of transfer credits is determined by Windsor University. Transfer Credits can only be granted before the learner’s enrolling into the course.

Graduate Transfer Credit:

Graduate courses accepted for transfer credit require a grade of “C” or above. Windsor University may award a maximum of 50% for a graduate degree program. Therefore, Windsor University will apply no more than 15 credits toward the completion of a Master’s degree. Capstone courses must be completed through Windsor University.

Transfer Credits Appeals:

The University may re-review applications of rejected credits from students who wish to appeal the transfer credit decision by emailing the Admission Office at [email protected]. Windsor University will only re-review courses once.

Transfer Your Credits:

Learners who wish to transfer their credits from Windsor University to another institution may request their official transcript to be sent directly from Windsor University to the receiving institution by emailing the Admission Office at [email protected]. Please note, it is the decision of the receiving institution to determine which credits will be accepted.

Applicants who are found to have plagiarized or falsified any part of their application will not be granted admission. If any submissions are found to be misleading, the application will be automatically denied. Should any misleading submissions come to light after an applicant has been admitted, this will result in immediate expulsion from Windsor University.

Note on Non-English Transcripts

When students submit transcripts that are not in English, they must provide a translated copy along with the original transcripts. This requirement is communicated to the student during the admissions process. The translated transcripts must be accompanied by an English translation of the review, which ensures that both the original content and the evaluation are accessible to university personnel and can be accurately interpreted.