Scholarship Policy

Master of Business Administration

Scholarships & Discounts:
Windsor University has several scholarship/discount that depend on students' merits (grades), country of occupation, register queue, and payment time


International Fully-Funded Scholarship

Windsor University fully-funded scholarship for MBA Whatever you are, whatever your age, Whatever your free time. Everyone in each country on the planet has the right to learn. All you need to do is fill in the Online Application Form. Evaluation based on your bachelor degree grades or higher degree, English proficiency level, and a unique article stating the most demanded programs and courses in your country according to the work market. This article will be published on the University's blog besides your name and country name. Every month, Windsor University will choose one-tenth of the female applicants and one-tenth of males to win the fully-funded scholarship for a master's degree in business administration MBA two-year program. The rest will receive a 50% discount on the regular tuition fees (currently, $3,600 to $1,800). You have the right to register every month to win the fully-funded scholarship, don't waste your time. With Windsor University, you are always the winner!!!

Discount for Groups

Groups willing to enroll in the University will receive additional discounts, depending on the number of students in that group. This discount will be decided on a case-by-case basis and is highly advised for Government Sector Employees and Veterans.

Early Bird Discount

Students who will pay the tuition fees for the entire academic program before the deadline of semester one will receive a 25% discount on the total tuition fees. On the other hand, students willing to pay the tuition fees for either semesters 1, 2, and 3 or 4, 5, and 6 will receive a 10% discount on those semesters' total tuition fees. Students withdrawing after doing so will still receive a refund according to the Institute's refund policy.

Early Register Discount

Windsor University will be conducting several marketing campaigns (virtual or physical). The first 5% of registers will receive a 25% discount on their tuition fees, while the following 5% will receive a 10% discount on their tuition fees.

Privilege Scholarship

Applicants will receive a scholarship based on their latest country of occupation. This policy is valid as long as the applicant's occupation country did not change outside these categories.

Admission Merits Scholarship

Applicants who obtained Outstanding Grades in their latest Degree will receive a 25% scholarship to their first semester's tuition fees only. Additionally, applicants who got Great Grades in their latest Degree will receive a 10% discount on their first semester's tuition fees only.

Dean's List Scholarship

In one semester, the top 5% scorers in an intake in the program receive a 25% scholarship to their tuition fees for the following semester. Additionally, the next top 5% will receive a 10% scholarship to their tuition fees for the following semester. Therefore, students wishing to preserve their scholarship status should sustain their rank amongst their classmates.

Students entitled to several discounts/scholarships will receive a cumulative discount/scholarship.

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