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Semester Tuition Fees

By using this portal, you can pay your tuition fees through the following easy steps:

1- Fill out your primary contact Information.
2- Make sure you type a valid and correct email address and phone number.
3- Select the program you are applying to study at Windsor University.
4- Once you select the program, the payment options box will appear.
5- Select the payment type.
6- Select if you are a current student (joining from the past intakes (Jan, May, or Sept 2022)), or a new student (joining for the upcoming intakes starting from 2023).
7- If you are a current student, select the same intake in which you have started your learning journey to pay the same amount for your intake.
8- If you are a new student, select the intake in which you wish to start your learning journey.
9- Fill out your payment info and check the payment summary.
10- Once the payment is successful, you will receive the payment invoice, your accounts and benefits promised by Windsor University, and the student affairs department to contact you!

Tuition Fees

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