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Admission Policy

Windsor University’s admission policy serves as a vital means to fulfill our mission of delivering an accessible and affordable competency-based education to qualified learners, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel academically and pursue successful careers.

We embrace the rich diversity within our learner community, recognizing its valuable contribution to our international identity and educational excellence. Our comprehensive evaluation process, meticulously and automatically recorded in learner files, guarantees fairness and transparency. We thoroughly and equally assess all documents submitted by degree-seeking applicants in alignment with our admission criteria.

Applicants must have an active email account to apply to Windsor University, as our application process and correspondence are conducted online. We endeavor to swiftly notify degree-seeking applicants of their admission status within three working days of receiving their applications, required documentation, and application fee.

At Windsor University, we maintain an open, flexible, and straightforward application policy, accepting applications throughout the year. Inside the application, each applicant chooses which intake they prefer to join. If the applicant didn’t join the chosen intake and wants to join another upcoming intake, they can transfer without having to resubmit another application, providing that all of their information and documentation remain the same. If there are any updates, they should submit the updated information and documents. In case there is any change in the university’s application or admission requirements, applicants should adhere to it. In case there are missing documents in the applicant’s application, the Student Affairs Department notifies them via email. It is important to note that false information or documentation on the application results in the applicant’s admission rejection. In cases where an applicant is not accepted, we provide clear reasons for the decision and any further steps they may have to pursue should they reapply.

Our admission policy reflects our commitment to offering a comprehensive and accessible educational experience while ensuring that our evaluation processes are transparent and considerate of individual circumstances.

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