Admissions Policy:

At Windsor University, our admission policy is designed to ensure accessibility and transparency for all prospective learners. We celebrate diversity within our community and strive to provide equal opportunities to all qualified applicants. Our comprehensive evaluation process is fair, meticulous, and conducted online for convenience.

Admission Criteria

  1. Application Process:
    Prospective students can apply online using an active email account. The application process is straightforward, and applicants will receive notification of their admission status within three working days of submitting the required documentation and application fee.
  2. Open Application Policy:
    We welcome applications throughout the year, allowing applicants to choose their preferred intake during the application process. Moreover, applicants who wish to change their intake preference can do so without resubmitting the application, provided their information and documentation remain the same.
  3. Documentation Requirements: Applicants must submit all required documents with their application. The Student Affairs Department will email the applicant if any documents need to be included. False information or documentation may lead to the application’s rejection.
  4. Evaluation Process: Each application is meticulously evaluated to ensure fairness and transparency. We consider all submitted documents and assess applicants based on their qualifications and suitability for the program, leaving no stone unturned in our evaluation.
  5. Admission Decision: Applicants who are not accepted will receive clear reasons for the decision and guidance on any further steps they may need to take if they choose to reapply.

Our admission policy reflects our commitment to providing a comprehensive and accessible educational experience while maintaining transparent and considerate evaluation processes.

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