Master of Business Administration Tuition Fees

Admission Fees

Students are expected to apply and pay the application fees before the upcoming intake, which is a non-refundable admission fee for all applicants. The admission fee varies depending on the Intake time.

The admission Fee is as follows:

MBA Intake TimeAdmission Fees
May 2022$26
September 2022$27
January 2023$28
May 2023$29
September 2023$30
January 2024$31

Tuition Fees for the Semesters

Currently, Windsor University has MBA in two years, 6 semesters. The tuition fee for each semester depends on which intake the student is applying for as follows:

MBA Intake TimeFee Per Semester
May 2022$350 ($2100 total for the two-year program)
September 2022$400 ($2400 total for the two-year program)
January 2023$450 ($2700 total for the two-year program)
May 2023$500 ($3000 total for the two-year program)
September 2023$550 ($3300 total for the two-year program)
January 2024$600 ($3600 total for the two-year program)

Students should pay the tuition fees through the link below

Tuition Fees

Graduation Fees

To receive your graduation certificate, you should pay the non-refundable certificate fee of $350 in addition to the transcript fee.

Graduation Ceremony in the USA

You can now travel to the USA to attend the graduation ceremony at the end of the two-year program as an option according to your preference for additional fees related to the cost of traveling, transportation, and residence.

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