Windsor University

Scholarship for Ukrainian and Palestinian Students 90% Tuition-Free

2 Years Program Duration

Study Online for 2 years and attentd the graduation ceremony at the US as an option for extra fees

15 Course

An excellent curriculum that prepares students for the demanded job skill. Focus on your goals and your career!


Affordable tuition fees, pay every 4 months . Special payment options are available for students with issues

Scholarship for Ukrainian and Palestinian Students 90% Tuition-Free

Regarding what happens in Ukraine and Palestine, Windsor University offers fully-funded scholarships for some students from Ukraine and Palestine according to some criteria like:


No matter what your age or where you are, the study is entirely online live sessions and recorded at the same time for any student around the world.

Admission Requirements

  • The minimum latest degree should be a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent of 120 credit hours.
  • English Proficiency Level: You don’t need to submit IELTS or TOEFL; Windsor University will help you pass the exam within the two-year program duration.
  • Before joining the program:

    Each student should submit their bachelor’s degree certificate or the equivalent of 120 credit hours and English proficiency level to join the Master’s degree.

  • After joining the program:

    Each student can gain 20% from the revenue according to additional students entering the program affiliated with the principal student.

    You can join the scholarship without adding any additional students.

Learning Delivery Mode

All sessions are live with American and Canadian professors and recorded with English subtitles. You will be able to refer to them any time and as many times as you wish. Live communication with the instructors promotes interactive experience exchange.

Program Duration

The program duration is two years/ 6 semesters /3 semesters per year /3 courses per semester

Windsor University has three intakes per year January, May, and September.


The curriculum consists of the most demanded fields in the labor market at the current time that you will need in your practical working life.

Study PMP, Real Estate, HR, Marketing, Sales, Leadership, and others other than the thesis.

The MBA program consists of 15 courses in addition to the thesis. It includes 3 preparation courses and 6 core courses in the first year. 6 elective courses in the second year, which you can select according to your interest. You can learn more about the curriculum from here.

Credit Hours: 48 credit hours.

Sessions Time

The sessions are usually held on the weekend or another time according to scheduled time between instructors and students.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees plan for the following intakes are:

  • The original tuition for the program is 9000$, but the tuition fee for the
  • Ukrainian and Palestinian students will be just
    900$ /150$ per semester.

All you have to do is :

Apply for the program, and pay the non-refundable application fees to start your admission process and save your seat in the MBA program along with exploring a new world of unlimited free courses!

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