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Admission Merits Scholarship

Applicants who obtained Outstanding Grades in their latest Degree will receive a 25% scholarship to their first semester’s tuition fees only. Additionally, applicants who got Great Grades in their latest Degree will receive a 10% discount on their first semester’s tuition fees only.
Discount for Groups
Groups willing to enroll in the University will receive additional discounts, depending on the number of students in that group. This discount will be decided on a case-by-case basis and is highly advised for Government Sector Employees and Veterans.

Early Bird Discount

Students who will pay the tuition fees for the entire academic program before the deadline of semester one will receive a 25% discount on the total tuition fees. On the other hand, students willing to pay the tuition fees for either semesters 1, 2, and 3 or 4, 5, and 6 will receive a 10% discount on those semesters’ total tuition fees. Students withdrawing after doing so will still receive a refund according to the Institute’s refund policy.

Apply for the Next Term
Jan 02, 2022

Complete the application form to be able to apply for the University’s Master degree program in Master of Business Administration

Windsor University is Not Affected By Covid-19 Pandemic
-Continuity without any disruption-

Take The English Test

Windsor University has integrated with EF SET to offer a free 50 minutes online English Test for those who do not have proof of English Proficiency and are skilled in English. 

This assessment will test your reading and listening skills with a series of MCQs. All you need is an updated internet browser, a stable internet connection, and an earphone/ headphone to listen carefully to instructions.

Check Out The Student Catalog

Windsor University’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable online higher education worldwide using the latest technology and accredited academic programs to empower students to lead in the labor market.

Students will receive their instruction online; synchronously, students should attend at least 60% of the sessions; however, all sessions will be recorded for students to be available asynchronously.

Equipment & Facilities

Learning Management System (LMS)

Students can log into the University's LMS platform to view courses, syllabus, coursework, grades, and other educational and submit assignments. As for Exams, students should access the Platform via the Safe Exam Browser Application

Office Suite

Students should produce their academic content using the compatible and applicable Microsoft Office software. Students should save their work in either Microsoft-compatible format or PDF format.

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