Our History
Windsor University was established to meet the increasing demands on high-quality online academic education in today’s competitive global markets. Utilizing the latest technologies in providing well-designed programs includes the knowledge and skills required today and in the future. Our programs are on par with the quality of prestigious traditional universities and facilitate the students’ helpful learning experience and allow the active exchange of knowledge and highly qualified instructors’ support. Although the University’s central concept was conceptualized in 2016, Windsor LLC was established in 2017, and on October 23, 2018, Windsor LLC was established in Washington DC. Finally, in 2019, Windsor LLC obtained the trade name Windsor University. We started offering free courses through our LMS platform while preparing to apply to the Higher Education Licensure Commission HELC for the Provisional Post-Secondary License, granted in 2021. Finally, on August 5, 2021, Windsor University obtained the License for Post Secondary Education from the – Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)
Windsor University’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable online higher education worldwide using the latest technology and accredited academic programs to empower students to lead in the labor market.
Windsor University’s goal is to globally deliver a quality of online education similar to traditional education to academically qualified students. In addition, Windsor University aims to provide an online learning environment that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between instructors and students.
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