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Windsor University helps you connect with your instructors and colleges with the best, easy, and most popular communication app, Zoom.

Zoom Benefits:

1- Teaching and Learning

  • Synchronous Online Courses.
  • Content Sharing and Collaboration.
  • Record and Share Classroom Sessions.
  • Video Breakout Rooms and Polling.

2- Virtual Classes

  • Guest Lectures and Virtual Field Trips.
  • Online and Hybrid Classes.
  • Student to Student Collaboration.

3- Student Engagement

  • Academic Advising.
  • College and Career Counseling.
  • Study Groups and Team Projects.

4- Professional Development

  • Administrative and Staff Meetings
  • Training, Mentoring & Hiring
  • Instructor Workgroups

5- Community Engagement

  • Parent and Community Communications
  • Emergency Preparedness and Notifications
  • School Events

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