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Leave Of Absence

indsor University identifies the following types of absences:

• Excused: Absence due to death of a family member, sickness, or catastrophic event.

o Death: students may be required to submit a copy of a notarized death certificate to the Student Affairs Department.

• Sickness: students may be required to submit a copy of a notarized medical report to the Student Affairs Department

o Catastrophic event: students may be required to submit the necessary supporting documents to the Student Affairs Department.

• Unexcused: Absence that cannot be excused

• Late Arrival: Students joining classes 15 mins after a webinar has begun

• Early Dismissal: Students leaving classes 15 mins before the end of a webinar.

• Class Absence: Not having access to the Internet is not an excuse students may use to justify their tardiness. Every four late arrival/early dismissal is counted as an absent day.

Windsor University obligates all students to meet the minimum attendance requirements. Students who fail to do so, regardless of their grades, should re-enroll with the next intake. Students have only three trials to meet the said requirements.

Granting Leave of Absence

tudents requesting a leave of absence should e-mail the Student Affairs Department with the purpose, supporting documents, and the leave duration. The Student Affairs Department will forward the student's e-mail to the President, the Chief Academic Officer, or both. The maximum allowed leave of absence is four consecutive weeks per semester. Students who do not show up at the return date will be dismissed from the program, and no refund will be allowed


tudents may request an extension of up to two weeks per semester to their academic assessments after e-mailing the supporting documents to the corresponding instructor, their Academic Advisor, and the Chief Academic Officer for approval.

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