Refund Policy

  • Cancellation:

Newly admitted students have five (5) calendar days after signing the enrollment agreement to cancel enrollment in writing at [email protected] and receive a full refund of all monies paid to Windsor University. Once the cancellation request has been received and processed, a notification will be sent to the Finance department to complete a refund. The refund will be made to the student to the same payment card the student has registered with in the admission form within 30 days of the student’s notice of cancellation.

  • Withdrawals:

Students wishing to withdraw from the university should send their withdrawal request to [email protected]. If a student withdraws before starting their enrolled course(s) for a term, they will receive a 100% tuition refund for that term’s payments to Windsor University. Students who withdraw from a term after commencing their studies are eligible for a refund based on their last date of academic activity or withdrawal date. Refunds are prorated according to the student’s last academic activity date.

Once the withdrawal request is received and processed, the finance department will be notified to determine the student’s eligibility for a refund. The finance department will then contact the student to request the necessary account information for processing the refund. Students can expect to receive their refund within 30 days of notifying the university of their withdrawal.

Withdrawing students will receive a partial refund based on the table below:

Withdrawal WeekTuition Refund %
1st week80%
2nd week 70%
3rd week60%
4th week 50%
5th week 40%
6th week30%
7th week20%
8th week 10%
9th week0%
  • Tuition Refund Appeal Process

In the event that a student’s request for a tuition refund is denied due to failure to meet the conditions outlined in this policy, they have the option to initiate an appeal for reconsideration. To request reconsideration, students are required to provide a written explanation of the circumstances they believe warrant an exception to the university’s refund policy as detailed herein. These exceptional circumstances may encompass situations such as severe illness or injury. In order for an appeal to be considered for reconsideration, it must include supporting documentation that substantiates the validity of the claimed exceptional circumstances. In case of termination, the student cannot apply for any refund.

Appeals should be submitted in written form to [email protected].

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