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Student Records

Safety & Privacy Measures

  • Windsor University frequently backup student records.
  • This backup will be accessed only by the designated individuals responsible for operating the Institute’s servers and managing these records.
  • Software engineers will monitor the server’s activities and immediately identify the automated alert system that notices suspicious activities.
  • Each user (student, instructor, or administrator) will have certain privileges based on the nature of their work
  • Information stored or transferred from the student records will be encrypted.
  • Student records are purged frequently.

Accessibility Measures

To ensure that the student records are well-protected, the University will assign different access levels (privileges) for each individual within the Institute. This procedure will help preserve the student records’ confidentiality and help identify the leakage source as soon as possible.

Academic/Financial Records

Windsor University updates students’ transcripts once the instructors input the students’ grades. Students can view and print their transcript; however, they will not edit it since the PDF file will be un-editable. Students requesting other records should e-mail the Student Affairs Department.

Accessibility for Students

Students can obtain a copy of their academic and financial records by logging into their profile on the University’s portal using their unique username and password. This portal contains a summary of their academic and financial records. Students requesting a more comprehensive record should e-mail the Student Affairs Department, stating the desired details to be displayed on the record.

Currently, Student records are automatically handled using OpenSIS. This Student Information System is integrated into the Learning Management System (LMS).

Exception Policy

Windsor University respects, honors, and protects the applicants’ privacy, students and staff members, and records. Therefore, Windsor University will not reveal any of its institutional records to any individual or entity unless:

  • They are a student/applicant who wishes to view their record.
  • They are a staff member (Faculty, Administration, Board, etc.) whose duties depend on these records
  • The university has the right to share the necessary information of applicants, students, and staff members to protect them.
  • Government entities suspecting illegal activities in the Institute will be provided the needed access to the University’s records’ after submitting the necessary documents.

Students, applicants, and staff members are responsible for the accuracy of their records. The University has the right to take disciplinary action against any institution that intentionally provides misleading information. Suppose a student, applicant, or staff member suspects that the University has breached their privacy. In that case, they should file a complaint directly to the President.

As a last resort, students should reach to the President to resolve their issues [email protected]. Lastly, students may report to the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) using the previously mentioned grievance policy. Lastly, disciplinary actions will be taken on all privacy breaches for students, applicants, or staff members.

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