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Academic Freedom

indsor University identifies Academic Freedom as the right given to students, instructors, and other academic individuals, to express their thoughts in an educational context while respecting and without harming those who disagree with them; hence a civilized atmosphere is maintained. Anything less will result in an unfriendly environment that hinders the exchange of knowledge and experience between individuals and will contradict the Institute's mission and objective.

Students and Faculty members do not have the right to be exempted from academic duties should they encounter an 'unwelcoming' or 'inconvenient' context. Students and Faculty members have the right to examine and discuss diverse opinions with their framework from reliable and accurate sources. The professional judgment of instructors and professors determines the courses' content.

All academic personnel (Students and Faculty members) are obligated to respect and preserve Academic Freedom within the Institute. All educational content (learning material, assignments, research papers, e-mails, etc.) will be protected and secured within the Institute. This process ensures the student's privacy and wellbeing. Windsor University prohibits personnel from utilizing academic information resources for unlawful, unethical, or unprofessional purposes or activities.

Faculty members are prohibited from giving an unjustified evaluation of students' assignments, exams, research papers, or similar academic assessments due to different points of view. Students and Faculty members violating any of these policies, after careful investigation, will be subjected to disciplinary actions including but not limited to a verbal warning, official written notice, fines, or suspension. Further violating actors will be dismissed by the President, or the Chief Academic Officer, or both.

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