Hanan Awad's doctor of project management
Dr. Hanan Awaad
Vice President for Applied Research

Hanan Awaad is an Egyptian-Canadian business and management consultant, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University as a mechanical engineer. Hanan received a master’s degree in business administration and corporate leadership from the University of Liverpool – Britain and a master’s degree in planning from the University of Waterloo – Canada. In addition to her degrees, Hanan holds accredited certificates in Project Management, Quality, and Environmental Management Systems Auditing.
Hanan worked in several government agencies, the private sector, and the academic field. She is currently the Executive Director of the Canadian Council for the Dissemination of Science and Culture and the President of Corporita Inc., a Canadian management consulting firm, and a faculty member at Conestoga College and the Vice President for Applied Research at Windsor University – USA. In addition to her positions, as mentioned earlier, Hanan writes on various topics such as planning, improving quality of life, project management, and setting up small businesses.
Hanan is married to Dr. Ehab Ali, who works in scientific communication and is considered one of the pioneers of scientific writing and translation in the Middle East, and they have two sons at the university.
Hanan Awaad is the author of several articles, publications, and scientific research papers in management and planning, and she has a published book dealing with family and self-development.

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