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Online Free Courses

The following online free courses are certified by Google and Coursera, sponsored by Windsor University. Google Coursera Windsor initiative description Google has partnered with Coursera to enable eligible US-based Schools to access Google’s Professional Certificates on Coursera. This initiative creates an opportunity for eligible Schools to provide world-class, industry-recognized skills training that can help prepare learners for in-demand jobs. Taught by expert Google employees, Google’s Professional Certificates on Coursera offer an ideal way to provide world-class, industry-recognized skills training that can help enhance hire ability for high-growth jobs.

The courses are:

  • Project Management
    • You will learn to successfully start, plan, and execute a project using traditional and agile project management approaches.
  • IT Support
    • You will learn the fundamentals of operating systems and networking and troubleshoot problems.
  • IT Automation with Python
    • You will be familiar with basic IT concepts. This advanced program builds on those foundations.
  • UX Design
    • You will learn the foundations of UX design, conduct user research, and design prototypes in tools like Figma and Adobe XD.
  • Data Analytics 
    • You will learn how to collect, transform, and organize data to help make info.

Common Questions:

  • Courses are a mix of hands-on labs and other interactive assessments.
  • Certificate completers receive a credential recognized by industry experts.
  • No previous experience or post-secondary degrees are required to enroll
  • The Google Professional Certifications upon Course Completion is free as you are joining through the Windsor University website! The courses are free for a limited time and a limited number of students.
How to get these courses?

The regular Way:

Google offers the mentioned courses for $39/month, but during the initiative between Google, Coursera, and some Windsor University. These courses are free for the whole 5 courses. The courses are in English including subtitles by multi-languages.

Google Coursera Windsor Initiative:

The following steps mentor you to explore the same courses, but they will be FREE courses for you and a free Professional Google Certification on course completion. So you will get a free 5 courses, enough time to study, exams, and certificates. Windsor university team will invite you to these courses manually using a valid email address and a full name. So you must submit your information as mentioned below.

Fill in your info

You will receive a manual invitation to join your desired courses within one working day.

Course duration
Duration from 3 up to 6 months upon your study hours per week

What can Learners expect to get when they complete a Course or Certificate Program?

A Certificate includes these

  • The Course or Certificate Program name.
  • Instructor’s signature.
  • Google Logo.
  • The logo of the partner institution offering the Course or Certificate Program if the partner institution includes it.
  • A verification URL that allows others to check the Certificate’s authenticity
  • A statement that Coursera has confirmed the identity of the learner who completed the Course or Certificate Program

A Certificate Does Not include these.

  • Academic credit from the partners’ institution offering the Course or Certificate Program
  • The final grade you got in Course or Certificate Program
  • Your ID photo
  • The hours you spent working on coursework
  • A printed or mailed copy of the Shareable Certificate. Certificates are provided as downloaded PDF files, which you can print yourself. You can also share them electronically.

Windsor University Programs and Scholarships:

The previously recorded courses are free to improve your career,

The following scholarship is a Master’s degree in business administration MBA and a Master’s grand degree to lead your career.

The original tuition fee is $9000, Windsor University scholarship is $1800 for the whole two-year master degree duration time by the live sessions with the University instructors. The following are full details for the best scholarship at Windsor University. The study is entirely 100% online by credits hours.

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Windsor University is making on the website each hour to communicate with the students right. You can visit the website daily to check the free courses and scholarships.

Each week Windsor University Facebook page offers new free courses and scholarships in one post, one time a week. You can follow the Facebook page to receive the weekly free courses and scholarships posts.

Important announcement as per 31-Jan-2022, 

All the spots have been fully occupied. Windsor University had licenses for Google and Coursera courses for 1 year, but due to the high volume of submissions, all the licenses have been occupied in 1 month
Within a few days, Windsor University will offer Free Courses, 5000+ courses in all academic disciplines like:

  • Computer Science

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Biotechnology Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering

  • Information Technology Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Emerging in Engineering

  • Hands On Learning for Computer Science, Data Science, and Engineering

  • Masters in Business Administration

  • Hands On Learning for Business Skills

  • Sciences

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Law

  • Career Skills

Stay tuned to get the free courses

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