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Windsor University aims to create programs and courses that the labor market needs, so Windsor University asked their students to make such Unique Articles that state the most demanded programs and Courses in their countries.

The offered articles are the students’ research for the demanded studies.

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  • The high demand course in Pakistan

Pakistan is third world country where the average age is between 17 to 29 every year people try to find decent jobs to generate income for themselves and their families. In the private sector macroeconomic factors impact 90% of jobs in country .Due to lack of skills ,lack of confidence and poor educational facilities quality of jobs have been affected . This enormous skill gap effects on the development of youth.(Unicef report ,2017)

According to Pakistan economic survey it has been observed that major change occurred in employment sector from 1963 to 2018. The transition of labor from farming to retail and wholesale brought organizational revolution. The tremendous growth in private sector of economy required sophisticated skills. The focus of Pakistan should be on critical thinking, methodical and cognitive development .There should be a link between industry and education system. Moreover the women empowerment should be encouraged financially as well as intellectually. The huge entrepreneurship programs in urban areas of Pakistan facilitate government, private and development partners to bring new ideas in business development.

The innovation in technology can bring a major contribution for high skill candidates as well as automation of production processes will open jobs for semi-skilled workers. The development of soft skills like computer learning and communication skills make labor market more recognizable.(Almedia,2010)

The supreme extremely necessary ways in Pakistan holds chartered accountant, Css, professional doctors, engineers, architect, lawyers and business. (Last accessed at October 16, 2021 )People who have done business administration can get multiple jobs in well-known places round the globe.

In the manufacturing, service and construction sector skilled workers and technicians are in high demand annually .More over the economic relations between Pakistan and China acquire construction, design engineers which create jobs for skilled female also.

The overseas employment study shows that most of the skilled labors like engineers , doctors and teachers migrate abroad to find jobs.

  • Teaching language in Pakistan :

In Pakistan English has been perceived as a passport to social mobility and better employment .Parents enroll their children in English medium schools from lower, middle and upper class due to intense class realization in the society. The demand of English medium schools have enormously been increased over the last two decades .  According to British Council English language development every year the three enrolled children at primary level was studying at Private school.( Coleman,H 2010)

Previously the rapid extent and forceful pursuit of English is belief to expose the child in a faster language .Due to rapid spread it is believed that English has been considered a medium of communication.

The collapse of Urdu medium government and increase in demand of English medium education has motivated both national and global parameters . In the domain of power in Pakistan power, respect and cultural consciences lies on English.(Manan, David & Dumanig, 2014)

  • Delivery mode most common in country (online, campus or blended ):

The delivery mode in Pakistan is mostly through campus in rural areas but the people who are unable to reach the campus are offered virtual programs on television and skype. Due to corona currently the universities are taking classes through skype, zoom and television. Mostly the people who are taking private admission gets their lectures through books with course headlines and afterwards they had to appear in the paper. The students from kinder garden to higher secondary mostly attend the schools both government and public ones while after reaching the university level they mostly take on campus studies and  programs. The Allama Iqbal open University Program provide excellent delivery to students and teachers (Nazir sanghni, 2009)


The top skills in Pakistan for employalibity

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