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Page Published On: June 7, 2022

Instructions for Students

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Dear students, Windsor University cares a lot about your educational journey starting from enrolling at the university and after your graduation, that’s why provided below are the instructions you must follow throughout your study at Windsor University so you can achieve success!

  • Upon your enrollment, the Windsor University team shall provide an account of Microsoft 365 for you for free instead of $70/year, including creating an account on Microsoft Teams. Using Microsoft Teams, you should attend every live session at its assigned time using the meetings’ links sent by the instructor or the student affairs department, or by just being invited to the course on Microsoft Teams. The sessions are interactive so you should participate in them. It is also preferable to turn your camera on, make sure you are on mute when you are not speaking, and that your surrounding atmosphere is calm; no background noise. Make sure to have a stable internet connection.
  • Attendance is monitored and recorded by the instructor and the student affairs department. You shall be notified of your attendance after every lecture. Your attendance percentage MUST NOT be lower than 50% of the total course’s lectures.
  • Every session is recorded and will be uploaded on the University’s YouTube channel.
  • You should submit your due assignments and quizzes at their assigned times on Moodle. You must also attend the final exam at its due time. The course’s total grade is out of 300 divided as follows: 100 for the assignments throughout the whole course, 100 for the quizzes throughout the whole course, and 100 for the final exam. The minimum percentage for passing the course is 70%.
  • Upon your enrollment, Windsor University team shall create an account on Moodle for you, via which, you should be able to access your course materials: weekly lectures’  PowerPoint  presentationsassignments, and quizzes. You should check Moodle consistently for any new updates on your courses. Windsor University technical team provides you with the know-to-how videos to become more familiar with Moodle. You will also use the same platform for your final exam.
  • The right way to open University Outlook account on the computer/laptop/mobile is to enter the following university Link on ⇓ & enter your email and password given to you by the university student affairs.

For any inquiries,feel free to contact us on

Best Wishes!

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