Of course, any university, especially universities that offer to study their programs remotely, face some difficulties, such as technical difficulties from server disruption or constant pressure on the university’s website by those enrolled in its programs. However, all this is not compared to the problems facing the students themselves, especially students studying from the Republic of Yemen, where we are. For more than eleven years, we have been in a continuous war in which many parties have interfered. All this has led to the continuous and increasing deterioration in the services provided to us due to the weakness of the internet services and their absence in some areas.

In addition, the related problems in electricity, which we can say is completely non-existent in some areas in Yemen, including the area where I live in Hadhramout Governorate, where operating times do not exceed 6 hours per day and the rest of the time is switched off.

Among the problems that concern those interested in continuing education in Yemen is the abnormal

deterioration in the national currency, as its value deteriorated by more than 700% in less than 6 years, which makes everything difficult for students, from a decent living to continuing education, which was considered an obligation for all and an incentive to be better and achieve the dreams that we have always had.

Therefore, education in my country is a story of struggle that students and those interested in education live on a daily basis.

Regarding the second point, payment methods for continuing education are not a big problem, as there are many local banks that support sending cash to various neighboring countries, including Tadhamon Bank, which I consider one of the distinguished banks in terms of good dealing with customers and the spread of its branches in various Yemeni regions. It has 37 branches, and it is considered one of the best banks. This is the link of the bank for those who wish to browse its many services:

Of course, studying abroad is very difficult, so the most appropriate way to pursue education is to study

remotely, as it removes the burden of many financial problems, travel, housing, and expenses that you will need to study abroad, and of course, do not forget about health insurance and all that the student needs in the Diaspora.

Of course, from my point of view about the problems facing the Yemeni students to pursue distance education is to try to obtain a stable and strong connection to the internet in order to continue his lessons and be on time in case the date of exams and other study requirements are decided.

And of course, do not forget about electricity and trying to obtain a solar energy system, which I currently see that most Yemenis have obtained in light of the electricity crisis that is affecting the citizens.

As for money transfers, I do not think that there is any problem that students may face because banks are widespread in Yemen, as well as money exchanges that provided services such as cash transfers through many international systems.

I hope that I have conveyed my idea of the problems facing Yemeni students seeking education, and I hope that my proposed solutions will reach students everywhere.

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