Human Resource Management, Global Edition

(MBA) Master Of Business Administration

Semester 1

Course Level

Post Graduate

Course Duration

14 Weeks

Time Per Week

3 Hours Per Week

Credit Hours

3 Credit Hours

Start Date: January 15, May 15, September 15

End Date: April 30, August 30, December 30

Course Instructor

Dr. Lina Para

Dr. Lina Para

Dr. Parra is a Devoted administrator and educator with degrees in IT Systems, Management, Public Administration, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Design dedicated to making a difference in students’ lives and to the institution. Fluent in English and Spanish with over 20 years of diverse, progressively responsible administrative and managerial experience in the Higher Education Field. Dr. Parra possesses extensive budgeting control, public sector/non-profit organization experience, reporting development, strategic planning, program planning, program evaluation, curriculum development, instructional design, and leadership/managerial, marketing, and organizational development skills.

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What is the Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is the approach used to manage the employees of a company or any institution to achieve the utmost performance out of the employees and so returns to the company’s or institution’s benefits to reach its sought objectives.

What are the benefits of learning Human Resource Management?

You will learn how to use integrated coaching, organizational development, career planning, and counseling skills to design, manage, and evaluate plans that improve the individual’s productivity, employability, and job satisfaction, as well as organizational effectiveness, employment, management development, customer service, and quality management. This course includes psychology, structure behavior, adult education principles, activity counseling, ability testing and evaluation, program design, consulting practice, structure development, and applications to issues.

Upon completing the course, you will have all the knowledge about:

• The role of the human resources department

• Time and change management

• Policies and procedures

• Recruitment and selection

• Employee relations and communication

• Compensation and benefits for employees

• Staff training and development

• Health, security, and safety in the workplace

In addition, you will be able to answer the question of why is Human Resource Management important to all managers in all kinds of institutions.

Course Title: Human Resource Management

Book Title: Human Resource Management, Global Edition, 16th Edition

Course Description:

Human Resource Management provides students with an introduction to the daily tools and skills they’ll need to function as successful managers — in both human resources and business in general. With a practical approach, the text explores the evolution of the field, highlighting the introduction of revolutionary new technologies and social media platforms. The 16th Edition focuses on the positive impacts technology has had on the HR field. For example, the ability to vet potential employees on the internet has shifted more HR responsibilities to managers, leaving HR departments with more time to carry out strategic, long-term endeavors for boosting employee performance and engagement. With a heavy focus on emerging industry trends, the text prepares students with everything they need to be successful managers and HR personnel in the 21st century.” By Pearson.

Course Content

Part #
Part 1
Part 2
Recruitment, Placement, and Talent Management
Part 3
Training and Development
Part 4
Part 5
Enrichment Topics in Human Resource Management

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