Master of Business Administration Graduation Requirements


MBA at Windsor University helps you develop the abilities needed to stand out as business executives, like the power to quickly and accurately analyze massive amounts of data and, therefore, develop smart solutions to business problems.

Grading System

  • Norm-Referenced
    • Assessment in each course will be graded using the Norm-Referenced Grading System. This system ensures that you are graded based on your performance in a specific evaluation compared to the entire group. Therefore, you are not at risk of achieving low grades due to the assessment’s difficulty.
  • Weight Scale & Grading Scale
    • After assessing and evaluating quizzes, assignments, and final exams, instructors will incorporate them into their respective course’s percentage grades based on their weights. For instance, if you are studying the Organizational Leadership course obtaining 83% in the quizzes held throughout the course, 87% in assignment 1, 95% in assignment 2, and 64% in the final proctored exam. Then, the instructor will combine the grades according to the weight of each assessment, as shown in the table below:

      AssignmentPossible Points
      Assignment 150
      Assignment 250
      Proctored Final Exam100

      Your final grade of each course is always rounded up to the nearest whole number. Then, the grade of each course is converted using the grade scale system to its corresponding GPA score on a GPA scale of 4 based on the table below:

      Percent GradeLetter Mark4.0 Scale
      Below 70F0

      Lastly, each course’s GPA score is multiplied by its corresponding credit hours divided by the academic program’s total credit hours (48 credit hours). The result is rounded to the next Letter Mark. For example, a student who has 3.1 as a calculated GPA score for the program, based on the table above, this score is rounded up to the next Letter Mark, resulting in the student obtaining a Letter Mark B+.

Minimum Requirements

Students must meet the minimum requirements for all courses respectively while fulfilling the program’s graduation requirements. Students who fail a course or cannot graduate due to their lack of grades should retake and pass the courses with the lowest required grade to achieve the graduation requirements. Below are the minimum requirements for each course type and the academic program as a whole:

Course TypeMinimum Attendance RateMinimum Grade
PREPARATION60%C-, 70%, 1.67
CORE60%C, 73%, 2.00
ELECTIVE60%C+, 77%, 2.33
Dissertation60%B-, 80%, 2.67
MBA60%2.5 CGPA

Preparation, Core & Elective Course Requirements

Students’ attendance throughout the courses will be monitored and moderated. Windsor University obligates all Instructors to carefully record students’ attendance during the courses’ webinars as they should meet each course’s attendance requirements as follows:

  • Preparation Courses: 60%
  • Core Courses: 60%
  • Elective Courses: 60%

Capstone Course

Students should follow up with their supervisors and instructors during the allocated online review sessions. Attendance will be measured based on how many sessions did the students attend. The minimum attendance rate for the capstone course is 60%.

Academic Program
Students’ attendance throughout the academic program will be monitored and recorded. Therefore, they should have an overall minimum attendance rate of 60%.

Attendance and Contact & Credit Hours

Three credit hours equals three contact hours per week for fifteen weeks for 45 contact hours.

Capstone Course
A thirty-minute online meeting will be held every week between the student and their corresponding advisor throughout the fourth, fifth, and sixth semesters (90 weeks). This adds up to 45 contact hours.

Preparation, Core, & Elective Courses
Each course will be taught weekly in a 3-hour webinar throughout the semester (15 weeks). This adds up to 45 contact hours for each course.

Evaluation Due Date

All assignments, quizzes, course works, or any other assessment of similar nature will be evaluated within 21 days.

Transcript Request

After the end of each semester, the student can request an official transcript from the University’s website online. A student requesting a signed official transcript from the university should pay $100 official transcript fees, excluding the shipping fees. Additionally, a student requesting a notarized, official transcript should pay the $200 notarization fees.

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